XMAS Inflatables

XMAS Inflatables

Christmas inflatables at discount prices!

Looking for giant commercial size holiday inflatables or a cute yard size Xmas inflatable?

XMAS inflatables - giant 25 ft. snowman shape inflatable

Giant XMAS Inflatables For sale and rent.

We have a giant selection of holiday inflatables.

We manufacture giant XMAS inflatables in the USA.

Xmas inflatable - Santa Claus in Helicopter Christmas yard inflatable

You'll love Copter Santa!

Order Xmas Inflatables Early For Best Selection!


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Christmas Inflatables

Christmas Inflatables

XMAS inflatables make a festive Holiday season.

It is very exciting and wonderful to see Christmas inflatables all over when it is the Christmas season. Have you ever stopped to marvel at all the various kinds of inflatables that are put up for Xmas?


Christmas inflatables - snowman inflatable for Christmas
Christmas Inflatables Are Fun!

A great way to decorate.

These inflatables that people put up for Christmas are by far one of the best ways of decorating a lawn or some other place and they add to the spirit of Christmas. When you decide on putting up inflatables for Christmas, you would find that it could be quite a bit of a challenge for you to figure out what are the best available options for you because there are so many kinds of inflatables that are available.

One thing is for sure, if you want your lawn or the exterior of your home, shop or some other place to be the envy of all eyes for the season of Xmas, then you must put up inflatables. People who see these just cannot resist looking at them!

Christmas inflatables add to the Christmas spirit

Liven up your street, your lawn or any other outdoor place you can think of with these inflatables. These inflatables are loved by the young as well as the old. And when the season of joy is over, there is no need to throw out these inflatables, just pack them up and leave them – till next Christmas – you can use them again and again.

Also, you will have no trouble in setting up these inflatables for Xmas as you can do so in a matter of a few seconds. When you buy these inflatables, you get all the material that is required for you to set them up, all by yourself, without any hassles at all.

Great way of attracting attention

These Christmas inflatables can be put up just about anywhere outside – out of your home or shop or even on your roof, if you so desire. But, if you wish, you can even set them up inside your home.

On the other hand, if you have a shop, you can set up these inflatables just outside your shop – and these are guaranteed to attract the attention of people passing by – meaning potential customers for you.

So Many Choices Available.

You will be able to get these Christmas inflatables and Christmas balloons in so many different shapes, sizes, colors – just make your choice and get set to decorate the Xmas scene.

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Call 1-800-791-1445 for Christmas inflatables!

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Universal Snow Machine Cleaner and Winterizer Kit

This kit is designed to winterize the lines, pumps, seals and all parts where snow fluid may come in contact. If you leave snow fluid in the snow machine, especially quickly evaporating versions like Froggys Flakes Dry or Extra Dry Snow, it can evaporate all the liquid from the solution and leave only the snow resins behind. This in conjunction with storing the machine over long periods of time is the reason snow machines will work perfect up until the day you put it away for the season and do absolutely nothing when you bring it out next year. This is not a guarantee that the machine will work perfect after months of storage, but though all of our testing it has eliminated the clogged pump issues that many snow machine customers have asked us for years to fix. Happy Snowing from Your Friends at Froggys Fog. – Instructions: – 1. Pour the entire 8 ounce bottle of (STEP 1 SNOW MACHINE CLEANER) solution into a Clean Microwave Safe Container if you are going to use a microwave to heat. Pour the solution into a Clean Pot if you are going to use a stove to heat. – 2. Heat the Cleaning Solution to a Warm Temperature (Do Not Boil). – 3. While solution is still warm, insert the snow machine fluid intake tube into the solution and run the entire 8 ounces or as much of it as you can through the machine. – 4. This will create a buildup of fluid in front of the machine. Just wipe it up or mop it up like any other cleaner. It is safe, non-toxic, and non-hazardous. – 5. Remove the snow machine fluid intake tube from the (STEP 1 SNOW MACHINE CLEANER) container and place in the (STEP 2 WINTERIZER) bottle. – 6. Run enough (STEP 2 WINTERIZER) solution through the machine until it starts coming out the front of the machine. This may not use all of the (STEP 2 WINTERIZER) solution, but no worries, it is also safe, non-toxic, and non-hazardous. Any remaining solution is safe to discard. – 7. You can now store your machine with confidence until next year!!!

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Favorite Balck/White Vinyl Dog Inflatable Mannequin Pet Business Apparel Model Display, 3 Sizes (Black, S)

S: Neck to Tail: 8.4-9.4 Inch; Chest Girth:11.4-12.4 Inch; Height: 6.9-7.9Inch
M: Neck to Tail: 9.4-10.4 Inch; Chest Girth:13.9-14.9 Inch; Height: 8.9-9.9 Inch
L: Neck to Tail: 12.9-13.9 Inch; Chest Girth:16.8-17.8 Inch; Height: 9.4-10.4 Inch
Color: Black; White
Weight: S 0.76lbs; M 1.27lbs; L 1.56lbs
Material: Vinyl, stuffed with polyester fiberfill
For home:
Great as Gift, can be dressed up, decorated any way you want.
For retailers:
Dress up your displays with our convenient and eye-catching Mannequins. These dog mannequins are easy to dress and display clothing, collars, and harnesses in an interactive way that customers will love.

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Christmas GIANT Inflatable Lighted SANTA & His HELICOPTER with Spinning Rotor OUTDOOR YARD Decoration (8 Feet Long)

BRAND NEW in the Box…GIFT QUALITY…SANTA & HIS HELICOPTER Inflatable Yard Decoration…Inflates in Minutes…GIANT-Measures 4.43 Feet Wide x 4.93 Feet Tall x 8 Feet Long…Inflates in Minutes…4 C7 Lights Inside…Includes: Ground Stakes & Anchor Ropes to Secure it to the Ground…For Indoor/Outdoor Use…120VAC 60 Hz 0.98 A…Supplied with a UL Listed High Pressure Fan & Decorative Lighting Strings

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